Franchising Disputes

Solicitors Specialising in Franchising Disputes
While most franchise relationships do well and can be long lasting, particularly if the original franchise contract was well drafted, such arrangements are often complex. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that many franchisee and franchisors experience disputes. We recommend trying to negotiate a settlement and, in particular, the use of mediation. Nonetheless, sometimes litigation is the only way to solve a dispute.

If you, as a franchisee or franchisor, have come involved in a franchising dispute, contact us as soon as possible. Whether it is guiding you through a complex negotiation or making an application to court, our team have the experience to support you throughout any Franchising Dispute.

How can we help you with your Franchising Dispute?

Our Franchising Solicitors can help you with wide range of problems including:

  • A breach by either party of the terms of the agreement or a failure to hit agreed performance standards.
  • Problems with termination – when the franchisee wants to exit the agreement and/or the franchisor claims that there has been a breach of the agreement.
  • Failure to provide the franchisee with marketing or support as promised.
  • Competition issues – eg the franchisee selling outside of the franchise or creating a competing business.
  • Claims of misrepresentation – eg that the franchisee relied on false information provided by the franchisor when buying the franchise, perhaps with regard to sales projections, overheads or the profits made by other franchisees.
  • Intellectual property problems – for example issues with the licensing of the franchise trademarks and the copyright of website content

Why choose our team to handle your Franchising Dispute

  • Our solicitors have the expertise in franchising issues that you need.
  • Our specialists will provide you with an indication as soon as possible about your chances of success in any dispute.
  • We offer conditional fee arrangements (also known as “no win no fee” agreements) for appropriate franchise disputes.
  • Wherever your franchise is located in England and Wales, our solicitors can take your instructions and deal with your case by phone and email only – or if you prefer we can arrange face-to-face meetings in our Salisbury office.
  • Our solicitors offer FREE initial telephone advice on issues surrounding your franchise dispute.

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