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Solicitors specialising in franchising
Our Franchising Solicitors understand how exciting franchising your business or buying a new franchise can be. However it may involve one of the most expensive financial transactions you are ever involved in – and you need to make sure you get the right legal advice.

Fees for buying into a franchise can range between £500 and £300,000 depending on the brand.

It’s very important therefore to make sure you appoint specialist solicitors who really understand the complex legal issues involved in franchising, in particular those involving intellectual property rights for franchisors. You can rest assured that our team has that experience.

Who a Franchise Solicitor can help

  • New Franchisors – we can work with new franchisors on the wide range of issues essential to the launch of a successful franchise – ranging from helping assess whether the business is suitable for franchising in the first place to drafting watertight franchise agreements and considering issues surrounding the registration and protection of the brand
  • Existing Franchisors – we can help existing franchisors with reviewing or amending existing franchise agreements, as well as issues of franchise termination and renewal
  • New Franchisees – when buying into a new franchise, it’s essential that you understand exactly what you are taking on. We can advise and negotiate with regard to any franchise agreement dealing with issues ranging from the franchise territory and performance standards to issues surrounding sale or termination of your franchise. We can also help you with setting up a partnership or incorporating a new company as well as representing you in the lease or purchase of any franchise premises
  • Existing franchisees – we can help you with the sale or termination of your franchise, with regard to any franchise disputes, and with employment law and debt collection problems

How we can help you
Our experienced franchising team can help you with a wide range of issues surrounding franchising including:

  • Drafting and reviewing franchise agreements
  • Buying and selling both new and established franchises
  • Intellectual property advice including trademarks, copyright and design rights
  • Property law advice
  • Employment law issues

Why choose us as your Franchising Solicitor

    • Our team has specialist experience of franchising
    • Our  can represent you wherever you live in the UK, taking your phone and e-mail instructions without needing to meet – or, if you prefer, we can meet you in our offices in Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire
    • We provide FREE initial phone advice on Franchising issues
    • We can run your franchising dispute using a No Win No Fee agreement

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